Zeta Battery Pack / Phone Charger
Zeta Battery Pack / Phone Charger
Zeta Battery Pack / Phone Charger

Zeta Battery Pack / Phone Charger

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This Sol II Soul exclusive is the perfect accessory for a Finer Woman who's on the go.

The portable battery pack / phone charger is convenient for those times you aren't able to charge your phone with an outlet. AND, our deluxe design features four built-in cords (C, micro USB, lightning / Apple, and USB) so that you don't have to fumble around to charge your phone.

With the cords built in to the charger, you can also charge multiple devices at one time. There are also digital indicators to show you when your pack is at 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% fully charged.

The gorgeous black battery pack features a royal blue Z with five pearl cutouts, and it also includes a LED flashlight for those times you need extra light.

This charger is a beast and will charge your device multiple times before requiring a recharge.

Grab yours today while they're in stock!

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